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Your heartfelt comments brought me to tears! Watching ones like yourself grow and mature makes me smile--knowing Joe's investment of time and energy has made such a difference.
Love you,

Oh where to begin! With tears streaming down my face, I remember the first time I met Joe...April 9th or 10th 2004 -my daddy had passed very abruptly and my family was racked with sorrow. I don't even know how we were put in touch with Joe, but I thank God for putting him in our family at that difficult time. He met with us and was as comfortable as if he'd known us his whole life. He spent his time getting to know my Dad through stories and photos and then delivered a very sincere heartfelt eulogy. Several years later, I asked Joe to give me away at me wedding...I was thrilled he said yes! Unfortunately, Joe passed away before my wedding day. However, you gave me two of the most precious wedding gifts that day...your presence at my wedding and a pillow made from one of Joe's shirts with a tie. I love you, Rachel! Thank you for sharing your memories. You, Joe and Wanza changed my life! I can not thank you enough!

Thanks, Monica, for taking the time to write this special note. He loved his nieces and nephews very much. Love you too! Aunt Rachel

I love my uncle Joe. I miss him So very much.How I wish he would answer the phone and say " Hello Monica, we love and miss you,and would love to see you" just one more time. Those are the last words i heard from him.Aunt Rachel i love you and thank you for sharing this.

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